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In September 1998 I finally became the proud and very happy owner of a jewel green Ford Puma. From the first moment I set eyes on that beauty I just knew I had to have one. If it was possible to fall in love with a car, it would have been love at first sight.

After almost three years as the owner, our first son Ruben came, and I had to sell my Puma to buy a more family friendly car. So with a great deal of sadness I bought a Ford Focus Collection edition in August 2001. Oh how I missed "Pusen min"!

In April 2009 I finally discovered that my Puma was for sale! And again, I'm the proud owner of this car - for the second time.

Here is a few new pictures of "Pusen min".

[Puma logo]

[Puma from front]


[The car from the side]


Puma Front  
Puma back

[Puma inside]

[Puma logo]

[Puma logo]


Alsaker April 29, 20 09